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What is a no-fault divorce?

Under Texas law, residents may pursue a no-fault divorce option when they wish to end their marriages. However, what it actually means to get a no-fault divorce may be confusing to some individuals. This informational post will discuss the process of pursuing a...

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Is your teen facing a DUI or DWI in Texas?

Now that summer is upon us, teens are spending more time out and about with their friends, at parties, or at work. Parents know that their teens don’t always make the best decisions and are prone to peer pressure. A parent may get a call from their son or daughter...

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How can child support be spent?

Child support is the payment of money by a parent for the benefit of their child or children. In Texas, noncustodial parents often have child support obligations that they must provide to their children's custodial parents to help with the economic burdens of...

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How to stop a DWI/DUI life derailment

One bad choice should not dictate one’s life forever. Unfortunately, a DWI/DUI can derail one’s future. This is why our firm is here to protect the rights of the accused. We are here to help We often hear stories of people being charged multiple times with driving...

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