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Co-parenting and creating a holiday schedule that works for you

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Family Law

The holidays are often depicted as a joyful time when we look forward to gatherings with family and friends. But for divorced parents, the joy can quickly be pulled away from this time of year when there are disagreements about the holidays and where the children will be during celebrations. Even when a custody order is in place, disputes could arise when it comes to how the winter holidays and winter break will be shared.

Creating a holiday schedule

Nothing can ruin the holidays like a custody dispute. This is why it is important to consider your wants and needs when initially establishing a custody order and holiday schedule. While this might work our initially, the legal team at Bracamonte Law, PLLC understands how this can quickly change as the children age. Thus, our law firm uses its expertise in family law to guide parents toward a resolution.

For most parents, spending the holidays with their children is important. Alternating holidays often makes sense, providing each parent with equal holiday time. However, certain holidays might be more important to you than the other parent. Additionally, parents might practice different religions, signaling additional holidays that are not recognized by the other parent.

Modification of order

When there is a substantial change in circumstances, this can signal a need to modify a child custody order. Our law firm has helped parents and families work through custody and holiday schedule issues, ensuring the best interests of the children are met.

For those able to co-parent, our law firm can help facilitate these conversations and modifications. In cases where parents do not get along, this dispute might require the court to resolve. No matter the route you take, a legal professional can help ensure your options and rights are understood and protected.