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Standing Up For Juveniles In The Justice System

Last updated on February 7, 2023

When juveniles aged 10 to 17 are bonded or face criminal charges, they and their parents should work with a strong juvenile defense law firm. Bracamonte Law, PLLC, has a decade of experience helping children and teenagers emerge from the justice system with their lives intact.

We can provide criminal defense for minors against charges, including:

  • Vandalism
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Underage DUI and DWI
  • Property crimes
  • Sexual offenses

Bracamonte Law, PLLC, is passionate about helping children and teens. We focus not only on the minor but also on the entire family. If Child Protective Services (CPS) intervenes in a family’s life, we will work with the parents and caseworker to protect the parents’ rights.

What To Know About Texas Juvenile Court

  1. Once a police officer takes a minor into custody, they must immediately go to a processing office and contact the parents or guardians.
  2. Within 48 hours, the juvenile court will hold a detention hearing where a judge will detain the juvenile or release the minor.
  3. Then, the state may file charges. At an adjudication hearing, a judge or jury will determine whether the charges against the minor are “true” or “not true.”
  4. Last is the sentencing disposition. The court usually prefers to offer alternative sentencing instead of detention.

What Are The Differences Between Adult And Juvenile Court?

The biggest difference between the adult and juvenile court systems is that the juvenile court seeks to rehabilitate respondents and keep them out of detention. With that in mind, the justice system can still be very harsh on children and teenagers. A negative outcome can affect a child for the rest of the life. Partner with a lawyer who understands the juvenile justice system and will work hard to defend a child you care about. We also work to appeal adjudications and expunge juvenile records.

Stand Up For Juveniles’ Rights

Do not hesitate to protect the rights of a child or teenager in your life. Contact Bracamonte Law, PLLC, to schedule a consultation and we can help you. To reach us in McKinney or Rockwall, call 214-304-6640 or send an email.