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You Are More Than Your Criminal Record

Last updated on February 7, 2023

If you have arrests or criminal charges in your past, it can seem like the justice system wants to define you by your criminal record forever. However, you can have a chance at a clean slate through expunction, nondisclosure or juvenile sealing — and Bracamonte Law, PLLC, can help you.

We help clients in the northeast Dallas area expunge past criminal activity from their records or seal their juvenile records. You deserve the chance to prove that you are much more than your criminal record.

What Can I Expunge Or Seal From My Record?

When the court seals a criminal record, it means that the public, including employers, lenders and landlords, cannot access it. In expunction, the court permanently wipes away any record of the criminal activity in question.

Only some criminal records qualify for expunction or sealing:

  • Acquittals
  • Guilty verdicts that the court overturned
  • Pardons
  • Dismissed charges
  • Arrests, but no charges

Contact the criminal defense law firm of Bracamonte Law, PLLC, to discuss your unique circumstances. We will explain which records qualify for expungement or nondisclosure, and will help take the next steps.

Juvenile Records Should Not Damage Your Life

Your actions as a teenager should not control your life forever. If you were a respondent in a case, it can prevent you from becoming a productive adult by limiting your access to education. Bracamonte Law, PLLC, can help seal your juvenile record, and, in some cases, even seal your adjudications.

Work With Us To Get A Clean Slate

You are more than your past. Contact Bracamonte Law, PLLC, in McKinney or Rockwall to schedule a consultation about sealing or expunging your record. Call us at 214-304-6640 or reach us online via email.