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How can you reduce conflict in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Family Law

Divorce can be an emotional endeavor. And given the psychological and financial ramifications involved, it can quickly become highly contentious. If you tend to avoid confrontation, then these tense moments might drive you towards quick resolution, but doing so could put you at risk of receiving the short end of the stick in your divorce. So, instead of trying to find the quickest way to tie up your divorce, you should try to find a way to handle the conflict so that you can hang in there and advocate for what you deserve.

Tips for reducing conflict in your divorce

Even if it seems like you won’t be able to escape the tension in your divorce, there are strategies you can utilize to tamp down the conflict. They include:

  • Focusing on the present and the future rather than dredging up events from the past that are likely to get a rise out of your spouse.
  • Reducing communications to writing so that it’s clear what everyone has said and so that you can take time to formulate a measured response without reacting from an emotional perspective.
  • Try to use a balanced, professional-like tone when talking to your spouse so that your tone of voice doesn’t trigger a reaction.
  • Pick your battles so that you’re not engrained in fights over every little detail of your divorce.
  • Find support from family members, friends, and even a mental health professional.
  • Take care of yourself by eating healthily, getting plenty of rest, and exercising.
  • Have a plan for what you need post-divorce so that you know where you need to push to acquire stability.

Formulate an effective divorce legal strategy

You have a lot to think about as you navigate your divorce, which can elevate your stress and anxiety. But you can put yourself at ease by developing a well thought out legal strategy aimed at securing the future you want for yourself. So, if you’re ready to get to work, then now is the time to learn as much as you can about how to protect your interests in your divorce.