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4 DUI myths everybody should know about

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | DUI

While the internet can answer a lot of questions, it isn’t always accurate. Some misinformation online could lead to criminal charges.

There are many common myths about DUI traffic stops. The following are a few misconceptions debunked: 

Myth 1: Coffee cleans the body of alcohol

Truth: It’s commonly believed that coffee helps people detox alcohol from their bodies. This attempts to sober people up so they can drive safely. However, coffee does not clear the body of alcohol. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood after consumption and stays in the body for several hours.

Myth 2: You must answer the police’s questions

Truth: The police will likely ask drivers questions during traffic stops. Many people believe that they must answer questions from the police. However, drivers may want to consider pleading the Fifth during traffic stops. Pleading the Fifth helps people avoid making self-incriminating comments. 

Myth 3: Breath tests don’t work when you use breath spray

Truth: A breath test uses chemicals to evaluate the blood alcohol content (BAC) in the body. People may try to use breath spray, mints or gum to mask the smell of alcohol on their breath. Not only do these products not hide the BAC in the body but they may contain trace amounts of alcohol. As a result, a breath test may have a higher BAC reading.

Myth 4: Standardized field sobriety tests (SFST) are never wrong

Truth: The police may ask drivers to perform SFSTs to help gather evidence. Many drivers believe these tests can help them escape charges. However, the police grade these tests using their best judgment, and they may have already made up their mind before a driver even starts. Even an officer’s unconscious bias can cause a driver to “fail” one of these tests. Plus, drivers can legitimately fail the tests for all kinds of reasons, including hidden disabilities that affect their motor skills.

If a driver believes their rights were violated during a traffic stop, they may need to learn how to build a legal defense.