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How do I know when divorce is the right choice?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Family Law

If you are in an unhappy marriage, you are likely thinking about divorce. However, while movies and television shows make divorce a dramatic decision, Rockwall, Texas, couples often struggle over whether to divorce or work it out.


If there is abuse in the relationship, you should not try to salvage the relationship. Physical and mental abuse is not acceptable, and you should get out as soon as possible. Your family law attorney can help craft an exit strategy, if you fear for your life.

Temporary problems

Before throwing a wrench into your marriage’s gears, make sure what is bothering you or making you unhappy is not a temporary problem.

If the problem will resolve over time, it may be a better idea to just endure it until it resolves. A temporary problem should rarely be solved with a permanent solution.

Talk about the marriage

If you find that you are unhappy, there is a fair chance that your spouse is not happy either. Talk to your spouse and decide whether or not working on the marriage is something you both want.

It will require you both to agree to talk, work out your issues and, in a word, change. You both have likely grown apart over the years, and it will take a lot of time and effort to build your lives back together.


Remember that not all of the marriages’ problems may be external. Instead, you likely have your own issues, hang-ups and communication problems.

So too does your spouse, and the best way to ensure that you both work on these issues, along with your relationship, is through therapy or counseling.

This will make sure that before you divorce, you will be in a healthy headspace to make such a big decision, and that you do not bring issues to future relationships.

Talk about what you want out of life

Many couples never have those big conversations about what they want out of life. They assume what they want is what their spouse wants, but over time, those disagreements about life goals can grow from future-you problems to now, real problems.

For example, the desire to have a family is powerful, and a person that wants one will likely not last long in a marriage with someone who does not want one.

The decision to divorce is not an easy one for most people. It’s important to have help from friends, family and experienced professionals.