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Understanding the issues that may come up in your divorce case

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Family Law

There is no doubt that divorce cases can be stressful. Even when the soon-to-be ex-spouses are still on fairly good terms, just working through all of the potential legal issues that might be part of the case can cause plenty of stress. That is why it is so important for Texas residents to understand the potential issues that might come up in a divorce case.

Divorce issues

First, whether or not there are minor children involved in the case will usually make a huge difference. Child custody and child support are issues that can lead to quite a bit of rancor in any divorce case unless the parties are able to agree to terms. Legal custody, physical custody, the amount of support – these are all part of addressing how divorcing spouses will care for their minor children in postdivorce life.

Next, spousal maintenance – commonly called “alimony” – can cause the parties to “dig in their heels” as well. After all, the point of a divorce is to sever a relationship. When one party is ordered to pay the other some amount of spousal maintenance for a certain period of time after the divorce is finalized, that can lead to quite a bit of acrimony in the case.

And finally, property and debt division can lead to significant stress for Texas residents who are going through a divorce. Your finances may be impacted for years after a divorce is finalized. If you don’t have a strong advocate by your side to push your case on property and debt division – and all of the other issues in a divorce case – you may end up with results you think are unfair.

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