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It’s best to avoid social media during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Family Law

Most of us have social media accounts, and many use them every day. They are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and network with others in your line of work. It enables you to share photos from family gatherings, the kids’ academic or athletic triumphs, vacations, and other highlights.

It also enables us to feel connected if we hit a difficult patch. However, parents and spouses going through a divorce should be very careful about what they post. It may be better not to post anything at all.

Why freeze my account?

It is common for couples going through a divorce to have no out-of-the-ordinary transactions. The courts will require this, and couples will often do this even if they do not litigate. While financial freezes are useful to couples trying to divide their assets, social media freezes prevent digital missteps that can impact custody, division of assets or other elements of the divorce. Common mistakes include:

  • Dating apps: Some may be excited to be single again and may even start before filing, but this can reflect badly on you and lead to uncomfortable questions and scrutiny.
  • Nights out: It’s great to blow off steam with friends, but lawyers on the other side will scrutinize images of bleary-eyed revelers and ask questions about substance abuse, their character and their ability to parent.
  • Fancy trips: The optics of a lavish trip or cruise can lead to renewed scrutiny about dividing the assets (and the accuracy of the assets list provided).
  • Announcement photos: While the marriage may have been over for years, announcements regarding the divorce or other changes should wait until it’s final.

It’s not too late

We all make mistakes, and there may have already been a misstep or two. But, it still can be beneficial to stop the updates, posts and pics until later. Old mistakes are far better than new ones later in the divorce process.