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Drunk driver charged with smashing into sleeping girl’s bedroom

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Criminal Defense

As most Texans realize, drunk driving is a serious crime in and of itself. What most Texans do not realize is how quickly an episode of drunk driving can become a serious crime. Whenever a person suffers a serious injury or is killed due to the actions of a drunk driver, Texas’ criminal statutes come into play. The driver of a Ford 150 is learning this lesson the hard way by crashing into a house in Kerrville.

The crash

According to the police, an 8-year-old girl is fighting for her life in a hospital in Kerrville. She was peacefully sleeping when a Ford F-250 left the road and smashed into the girl’s bedroom. The girl was pinned underneath the truck, according to police. She was removed from the wreckage and taken to Peterson Regional Medical Center. She was then flown to a San Antonio hospital. She is currently in critical condition. The girl’s family is spending all of its time with their daughter even while their house sits in disrepair.

Criminal charges

The driver of the F-250 was arrested and charged with drunk driving and, more seriously, intoxication assault with a motor vehicle causing serious bodily injury. The driver is entitled to be presumed innocent of all charges unless and until he is proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The presumption of innocence is important, but anyone in a similar situation should take steps to defend themselves and should not rest their case on the presumption of innocence. A consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney is an important first step. A knowledgeable attorney can provide a useful evaluation of the evidence and can suggest legal arguments to strengthen the defense. If appropriate, a capable defense attorney can negotiate on a suitable plea agreement with the prosecution.