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Suspected drunk driver injures three in Plano collision

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | DUI

Residents of the northeastern suburbs of Dallas are often accused of other crimes at the same time that they are charged with driving while intoxicated. A resident of Allen was recently arrested in connection with a collision in Plano that injured three people. In addition to the DWI charge, he was accused of several other serious crimes based upon police officers’ search of his vehicle.

The accident occurred on May 11 when the defendant failed to obey a stop sign at the junction of McDermott Road and Preston Meadow Drive. The defendant has been accused of failing to obey the stop sign and then colliding with a Honda minivan. The minivan was carrying three people, including a 3-year old child. All three received serious injuries and were transported to a nearby hospital. The defendant is also being treated for serious injuries.

The defendant was driving a Ford F-250. When officers searched his truck after the collision, they found illegal weapons. The defendant was charged with assault while intoxicated, unlawfully carrying weapons and driving while intoxicated. Police said that their investigation was continuing. If the continuing police investigation yields additional evidence that may support further criminal charges, the defendant will be facing a number of serious criminal charges. Conviction on any of the charges may entail loss of driving privileges, a significant period of incarceration and a substantial fine.

Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation may benefit from a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A capable defense lawyer can evaluate the evidence, suggest helpful defense strategies and, if appropriate, negotiate a beneficial plea agreement.