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Robber forces good Samaritan to strip and then steals car

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People who come to the aid of others in difficult situations are usually saluted for their kindness. Occasionally, however, such generosity appears to be its own punishment, as a would-be good Samaritan in Dallas discovered when he offered a ride to a man who later stole his car.

The victim’s account

According to the victim, he was parked at a gas station refueling his vehicle. While the gasoline was flowing, an unknown man rapped on the victim’s windshield saying that He needed a ride. The victim took pity on the man and agreed to give him a ride. When the victim and his passenger arrived at the destination at 37th Street and Ironton Avenue at about 1:00 a.m., the stranger, whose identity is still unknown, pulled what the victim believed to be a pistol and told the victim to remove his clothes. The victim complied, and the stranger then drove off in the victim’s car. The victim said that it was too dark for him to verify that the man was in fact holding an operable weapon.

After the victim complied with the stranger’s order to strip, the stranger drove off with the car, taking the owner’s clothes with him.

What next?

The thief has neither been identified nor arrested for these crimes. Police have not released any additional details about the crime, the victim or the alleged perpetrator. Police are undoubtedly continuing their investigation and attempting to identify the suspect. Police have the make and model of the victim’s car, and they may be seeking witnesses who saw the car shortly after 1:00 a.m. Police have not stated whether they recovered any images of the assailant from the gas station’s security cameras.

If apprehended, the suspect will be charged with several crimes, including theft using a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and auto theft. If he is arrested the suspect will face serious criminal charges that carry severe sentences if the suspect is convicted. Anyone who may face similar charges may benefit from conferring with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney for an analysis of the evidence, development of a defense strategy, and, if appropriate, assistance in negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecutor.