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Politician’s wife has DWI charges dropped after toxicology tests

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | DUI

In Texas, an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI) can cause a litany of problems. From personal, professional and financial perspectives, these situations must be addressed in an aggressive manner. Making matters worse is if there are other aspects to the case that go beyond DWI such as having a child in the vehicle or refusing a breath test. Although these cases might seem complex, there are effective strategies to combat the charges. In some instances, the charges are dropped relatively quickly.

Field sobriety test

The wife of a current candidate for governor of Texas was arrested for DWI after a traffic stop. Angela West, 61, whose husband Allen West is running for governor, also had her infant grandson in the vehicle at the time, adding additional charges to the case. The traffic stop occurred at approximately 8:45 p.m. Suspecting she was under the influence, the officer gave Mrs. West a field sobriety test. She was subsequently arrested for DWI and for having a child under 15 – the three-month-old infant – in the vehicle with her. Mrs. West had apparently been to a restaurant before the arrest, but her receipt showed that she had not consumed any alcohol. She was given toxicology tests and it revealed that she had neither alcohol nor drugs in her system. Once the tests were analyzed, the district attorney decided not to pursue charges against her.

Anyone arrested for DWI should understand the importance of evidence

In any legal case, the evidence is crucial to the outcome. From the beginning of the investigation, law enforcement is required to adhere to certain protocols. If the traffic stop was done without justification, the field sobriety tests were given incorrectly, there was an issue with the Breathalyzer test or the driver is wrongfully accused, the charges can be called into question. Considering the penalties for a DWI arrest such as a driver license suspension, hefty fines and even jail time, scrutinizing the foundation of the case is vital to lodging a defense.

Having professional assistance can fight DWI charges

Anyone who is arrested for DWI/DWI should be cognizant of their rights. If there are issues with any aspect of the case, it can be used to formulate a defense. That can include having evidence thrown out, having the charges reduced, getting an alternative sentence or being acquitted outright. Being fully protected is the key and having experienced advice and guidance from the start can help with achieving a successful result.