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Drafting a parenting plan in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Family Law

The divorce process can be especially painful if there are children involved. Many former couples find themselves disagreeing over where the child will live and how much time the child will spend with each of them. However, many parents come together to work out their issues for the sake of their child.

Divorcing couples in Texas must come up with a parenting plan to outline all major custody and visitation issues. Your agreement will specify:

  • Parenting schedule
  • Which parent makes which decisions on behalf of the child
  • Vacations and holiday time
  • How to transport child from one home to the other
  • How modifications and disputes will be addressed

It is completely understandable that a parent may not want to give up any time with their child. However, it is important to remember that unless one parent is posing a danger to the child, it is in the child’s best interest to remain close with both parents even after the divorce.

Communicating calmly with your child’s other parent and working together to support your child is the best way to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

What should I do if my ex and I cannot agree?

If you are having trouble drafting a parenting agreement, an attorney specializing in family law may be able to help. An attorney can help you negotiate with your ex and come up with an agreement that suits the child’s best interests.

If you are unable to come to an agreement, your attorney can help you present your case to the judge. The judge will consider several factors and make a final decision based on all the evidence presented by you and your ex.