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Ways co-parents can make the transition back to school easier

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Family Law

Back-to-school time can be hard on some children even if they are excited to see all of their friends again. Schedules will be changing and there is much less time for recreation and relaxation. The children and parents will also be receiving a lot of new information about the upcoming school year and what to expect now that their children are in a new grade.

It is important that parents try and make this process as easy as possible as well as make sure they are staying informed so they can answer their children’s questions. This is true whether parents are married or divorced, however, some of the tasks parents need to complete can be more difficult if they are divorced from the other parent. However, it is important that they put differences aside and focus on their children’s needs.

How parents should address back-to-school issues

Some tips for how divorced parents can co-parent during the transition back to school are:

  • Focus on communicating what children need to know as they transition back to school and coordinate with the other parent on the best way to do that
  • Try to attend parent/teacher conferences together so the teacher is giving the parents the same information
  • Try to make sure both parents are able to attend school events and activities for the children. It can also be beneficial for parents to sit near each other at the events as opposed to sitting on opposite sides of the area
  • Continue to communicate with and encourage children even when they are with the other parent. It is important that the children know they have support from both parents at all times

All children in Texas handle back-to-school time differently and it is important to know your children to best address their needs. However, as co-parents there are certain actions they can take to make the process as smooth as possible. Children do not need to receive two sets of information as they transition back. Experienced attorneys understand the difficulties that can arise between co-parents and may be a useful resource.