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Tips for navigating child custody during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Family Law

Child custody can be a challenging topic to navigate during the holidays. Because emotions can already be running high during the holidays, it is helpful to be familiar with some tips to help parents navigate child custody disputes during the holidays.

Useful tips to help navigate child custody during the holidays include:

  • Share the children – putting the children first and double up on holiday celebrations can help parents navigate child custody during the holidays. Engaging families for multiple get-togethers can also help.
  • Anticipate disputes – it is helpful to anticipate areas of contention beforehand and plan for how to navigate around them. It is useful for parents to be clear on

travel time, parenting time and the nature of gift giving during the holidays.

  • Avoid child custody battles – it is helpful for parents not to let disputes become battles. By understanding the child custody agreement, and being flexible when possible, some child custody battles can be avoidable.
  • Create a holiday visitation schedule – a child custody schedule for the holidays should be developed that includes when and where the child will spend their time. It is also helpful to be realistic and make the schedule happen as much as possible.
  • Options for modifying child custody – parents should work together if they need to modify child custody, however, no changes are official unless approved by the family law court which is important to keep in mind.

This blog recently discussed child custody modifications which is one option to help parents when changes to a child custody agreement are needed. Family law legal tools and resources can help parents navigate child custody during the holidays, as well as child custody disputes concerns and modifications.