I will fight as hard for your child as you would. That’s a promise.

~Hearing The Dreaded News~

One nightmare that parents fear is learning that their child has been arrested. They immediately jump into crisis mode, asking, “What do I do?,” “Where do I start?,” and “How do I find a reputable lawyer with the right knowledge and experience?”

Now ten years into my practice, I am well aware of the impact and difficulty juveniles face in the criminal justice system. Juvenile records can follow a child into adulthood, negatively affecting college acceptance, military service, and job opportunities. An arrest also can derail a juvenile’s emotional and mental potential, and have a huge effect on their ability to sustain positive relationships with others.

~A Chance at a Second Chance~

Juvenile offenses are often influenced by learning disabilities, mental health issues, addictions, and other factors that can be addressed. Sadly, parents often don’t know what questions to ask, or are afraid to ask, to uncover these issues. Too, parents often don’t know their child’s rights specific to school suspensions and expulsions.

Unless your child (17 years of age or younger) has been arrested for extreme criminal activity, Texas law ensures that he or she will be tried in the juvenile justice system. This is good news, as juvenile court views minors as redeemable, rather than hardened criminals who should be incarcerated. Though your child may still face serious consequences, the juvenile court is interested in seeing that your child learns and recovers from this setback.

~How I Can Help~

It is critical that your child has legal representation when they are questioned after arrest. My ongoing training in juvenile social issues and law gives me the knowledge and tools needed to serve as your child’s advocate. I will fight as hard for your child as you would. That’s a promise.

I aggressively handle all juvenile matters including juvenile offenses, status offense and children in need of supervision. Whether your child is facing a new allegation, or looking to seal or destroy prior records, I can help. Let me be your voice, when you feel you don’t have one.

Lara ReadingAs your case may require a significant investment of my time, I may require a retainer. We’ll discuss this at your initial consult. Together, we’ll walk through this difficult period, ensuring that your child has the best chance at a positive, happy tomorrow.

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With over 10 years of experience, Lara Bracamonte has a thorough background in all aspects of family, criminal, civil, and juvenile law. A fierce debater, Ms. Bracamonte is a resourceful advocate for her clients. She loves the Law, the challenge of tough cases, and the immense satisfaction of being the champion for her clients.

Ms. Bracamonte represents clients in all North Texas counties. Her daily goal: to provide attentive, dependable, and trustworthy counsel and representation. At the end of the day, she works to ensure that justice is served. Bracamonte Law, PLLC has offices in Allen and Rockwall, Texas. Ms. Bracamonte can be reached at 214/304.6640.

I will fight as hard for your child as you would. That’s a promise.

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