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I will help you to adopt. That’s a promise.

Thinking of providing a safe, loving home for a child waiting for a forever family?

More than 5,000 abused or neglected Texas children were adopted from state care last year, which is wonderful! But the need is still huge.

As Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Commissioner Hank Whitman says, “No child should grow up in foster care or feeling unwanted.” My heart breaks for any child who has not experienced a consistent, loving relationship with a parent or guardian.

STATISTIC: As of September, 2017, there were 3,939 children awaiting adoption who are not living with a family that intends to adopt them.

Have you, by chance, been thinking about fostering or adopting? Per the DFPS, the basic requirements for either are as follows:

  • be single or married, at least 21 years of age, financially stable, and responsible mature adults,
  • complete an application,
  • be wiling to share information regarding your background and lifestyle,
  • provide relative and non-relative references,
  • show proof of marriage and/or divorce (if applicable),
  • agree to a home study, which will include visits with all household members,
  • complete a criminal history background check and abuse/neglect check on all adults in the household, and
  • attend free training to learn about issues of abused and neglected children.

Adoption, of course, should be a choice you take very seriously, as the emotional, physical, and even spiritual welfare of a child is at stake. Once you think you’re ready, I invite you to peruse The Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE) website, which helps to match available children with adoptive parents.

I spend a lot of my court time handling juvenile cases; I know, first hand, how the lives of these kids would be radically enhanced if they had the support of a loving family.


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~How I Can Help ~

As your adoption attorney, I will be your committed advocate.

I will provide you with smart legal advice and wise counsel. I offer you my tenacity, commitment, and compassion. I am committed to ensuring that you find the adoption process to be streamlined and cost-effective. That’s a promise.

Lara ReadingI handle all aspects of adoption law, including agency adoptions, birth mother representation, contested adoption, involuntary termination of parental rights, name changes, open adoptions, private adoptions, single parent adoptions, step-parent and relative adoptions, and termination of parental rights.

As your adoption may require a significant investment of my time, I may require a retainer. We’ll discuss this at your initial consult. Together, we’ll work to make your family complete!

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I will help you to adopt. That’s a promise.

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