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I will fight hard for your child. That’s a promise.

~A Chance at a Second Chance~

We all must face the consequences of our actions. Thankfully, most of us will never face the option of being locked behind bars. Even kids who willfully commit crimes are scared of going to jail.

One thing I really appreciate about Texas law is that it ensures that minors (kids between the ages of 10 and 16) will be tried in the juvenile justice system. And as the juvenile court is committed to redeeming minors, rather than just sending them to jail, these kids have a good chance at overcoming their offense and not carrying it forward.

Upon admission to detention, each juvenile receives a psychological evaluation and personal treatment plan. Program activities in Post Adjudication Long Term Detention include group counseling, weekly individual sessions and bi-weekly family sessions. In addition to other topics, each juvenile receives training in life skills, healthy family functioning, and adaptive coping strategies. Each child also receives a minimum of four hours of schooling each day.

Detention isn’t a pleasant experience, but it just might be the consequence needed to stop a juvenile from becoming a hardened criminal. If you find your child facing legal charges, be sure to gain legal representation — from me or another experienced lawyer — before your child is questioned. My ongoing training in juvenile social issues and law gives me the knowledge and tools needed to expertly serve as your child’s advocate.

~How I Can Help~

I aggressively handle all juvenile matters including juvenile offenses, status offense and children in need of supervision. Whether your child is facing a new allegation, or looking to seal or destroy prior records, I can help. Let me be your voice, when you feel you don’t have one.

Lara ReadingAs your case may require a significant investment of my time, I may require a retainer. We’ll discuss this at your initial consult. Together, we’ll walk through this difficult period, ensuring that your child has the best chance at recovering and becoming productive citizens.

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With over 10 years of experience, Lara Bracamonte has a thorough background in all aspects of family, criminal, civil, and juvenile law. A fierce debater, Ms. Bracamonte is a resourceful advocate for her clients. She loves the Law, the challenge of tough cases, and the immense satisfaction of being the champion for her clients.

Ms. Bracamonte represents clients in all North Texas counties. Her daily goal: to provide attentive, dependable, and trustworthy counsel and representation. At the end of the day, she works to ensure that justice is served. Bracamonte Law, PLLC has offices in Allen and Rockwall, Texas. Ms. Bracamonte can be reached at 214/304.6640.

I will fight hard for your child. That’s a promise.

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