What makes Texas lawyer Lara Bracamonte so effective?
A Lara is a member of the Texas Bar College, an honor society chartered in 1891 by the Supreme Court of Texas, which recognizes and represents lawyers, paralegals, and judges who make an extraordinary commitment to professional education. Lara completes 60 hours of legal training each year to maintain this membership. This is significantly more than the six hours required each year to maintain her lawyer credentials. Lara is a member of the Lawyers of Distinction. Membership is only awarded to the top 10 percent of lawyers in the United States.

Lara is truly committed to helping to improve the lives of those who seek her help. When asked what she’d look for in a lawyer if she needed one, she replied, “I’d want to know my lawyer would fight for me. I’d want to be sure my lawyer “got” me and understood where I’m coming from. I’d want to know I could trust my lawyer completely.” Lara is committed to offering this same assurance to her clients. Lara is an aggressive advocate of her clients’ rights, both inside and outside of the courtroom.

How do I know I can trust Lara Bracamonte to best represent me?
A Lawyers of Distinction designated Texas lawyer Lara Bracamonte to be among the top 10 percent of attorneys in the United States. Lara was evaluated on her qualifications, license, reputation, experience, and disciplinary history. Lara is committed to always learning, to always growing, and to always being held 100 percent accountable for how she handles herself and her practice. Lara’s core values: Experience. Tenacity. Dedication. Heart. Lara is the voice for her clients, who often feel they don’t have one.

Bottom line, Lara believes that her reputation means everything. It’s why she tries so hard to best serve each individual and family member that she represents. Lara is committed to always learning, to always growing, and to always being held 100 percent accountable for how she handles herself and her practice. Ethics, fairness, compassion, and authenticity are just some of the values she believes in and practices. Lara welcomes all clients, regardless of their sexual orientation, nationality, or religious or political beliefs. Her guiding motto: To be the voice for those who feel they don’t have one. 

The best way to learn if Lara is the right lawyer for you is to schedule an initial consult with her at her Allen or McKinney office. You can do so via the Contact page.

Will Lara Bracamonte take my criminal case pro bono?
ALara is a highly experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer. She can offer payment plans for clients needing them, but in cases that will require a significant amount of her time, she is only able to represent clients who can pay the required upfront $3,500 deposit. Lara’s rates are highly competitive, as she truly wishes to represent anyone who needs her services. Lara’s initial consult fee is $275, which goes toward the retainer when clients choose Lara to represent them. To discuss payment options, please contact our office at 214-304-6640.